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What we do

We design and enable customised solutions that support the unique needs of contingent workers and organisations engaging them. Our offering is completely distinct because we combine unmatched industry knowledge, an outstanding compliance record and superior service, to simplify processes and ease the complexities associated with flexible work arrangements.

Business Solutions

An integrated contingent workforce lifecycle solution for organisations, recruitment agencies and consultancy businesses

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Independent Professional Solutions

A suite of professional and lifestyle services for individuals engaged in contracting arrangements

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Migration Solutions

A comprehensive suite of migration solutions for individuals and Australian companies

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  The Latest


The IPro Index: Landmark research about the contingent workforce

The IPro Index is a landmark research study conducted by Monash University and sponsored by Entity Solutions about the contingent workforce in Australia.  The IPro Index has been designed to elicit the attitudes, motivations and challenges facing Australia's white collar contractors (referred to as Independent Professionals or IPros). The research highlights to organisations and the market in general how to best engage and manage this growing sector of the country’s workforce.

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Who makes up the contingent workforce

When we talk about the contingent workforce we are referring to individuals whose work is characterised by non-permanent and contract-based arrangements. This demographic of the workforce is variously known as independent contractors, temporary workers, freelancers, self-employed or consultants. We refer to them as ‘Independent Professionals’ (IPros). It’s a term our company has taken a lead in adopting as a more accurate way of describing these individuals who carry out their profession with independence and flexibility.

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